A Pink iPad that’s REAL!

If you want a “real” pink iPad, you won’t find it at the Apple store (at least as of this post – maybe they’ll offer colors in the future). As far as I know of there is only one place you can get a pink iPad. That place is ColorWare. I’ve mentioned them before. ColorWare

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Cyclobag & Cyclobag for laptops from Tintamar

The Cyclobag while not necessarily a laptop bag is never the less one really cool bag.  It comes from Tintamar and French designer Edith Petite. What’s really cool about this bag is the changeable faces. The faces include colors, pictures, and faces with pockets, netting and more. Once day you may feel like a having

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APC Universal Laptop Battery (UPB70)

I think I found my next accessory purchase for my laptop…it’s this APC universal laptop battery.  The APC UPS battery backup for my desktop has saved me countless times. The afternoon thunderstorms that come rolling through my area are always knocking out my power.  And it never fails that the power goes out during the

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