Pink! If you’re crazy about pink like we are, then is the site for you.

In 2005 my wife was looking for a colorful laptop bag that wasn’t boring and bulky. She was having trouble finding one she liked and that fit her needs for work, travel and everyday use. We decided that if she wanted the perfect bag, we would have to design and make it. We spent several months researching bag reviews and getting feedback from many people, in particular women, about their preferences for certain colors, styles and features they would like to see in a laptop bag. Soon after, in October of 2005, Rainebrooke’s first product line went on sale.

The name “Rainebrooke” comes from the combination of my daughters’ middle names: “Raine” and “Brooke”. Pink is Raine & Brooke’s favorite color; it’s also the color of the very first laptop bag that was sold from the Rainebrooke website back in 2005.

Since our beginning we have grown to now offer one of the largest online selections of pink laptop bags & cases and pink luggage for women.

I welcome your comments, questions and feedback about bags, cases, luggage or anything pink! Feel free to email me at any time.

Founder of Rainebrooke