Rainebrooke’s Funchico vintage laptop case featured in Go magazine

Thanks to go Airtran magazine for featuring the Funchico vintage laptop case in their latest edition. Pick up a copy on your next Airtran flight, check out the pics below or read it in their Biz Bits.

ZIP files.. Laptop bags for the stylish business traveler. There may be a boring PowerPoint presentation on your computer, but that doesn’t mean your laptop bag needs to be dull. Take this tweed, vintage-style beauty, for example. You might be surprised to learn that, like the bags on the next page, it has a padded laptop compartment and plenty of pockets for cords and other accessories.

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5 thoughts on “Rainebrooke’s Funchico vintage laptop case featured in Go magazine

  1. I knew that bag was high fashion the first time I saw it. I’m so happy that Rainebrooke is getting noticed. They really deserve it. Not only are the products awesome, but the customer service is spectacular.

  2. This is very cool – My girlfriend loves bags that look like this (atleast I see here with similar bags all the time). Perhaps I will have to buy her this one, and she will finally think of me as being “fashionable.”

    • Hi Elizabeth, sorry to hear you had problems on Delta. I’ve personally seen it go on Continental and Southwest without problems. I think each airline and individual flight is a little different depending on the people at the ticket counter, flight attendants, etc.

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