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Big thanks to Kate @Funchico for a great new review of the Allie pink laptop bag.

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Kates review:

The Allie Laptop Tote Bag by Rainbrooke

Get in touch with your inner Elle Woods

Allie Laptop Tote Bag by RainebrookeI won’t lie to you — I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Elle Woods, pink-loving heroine of the classic cinematic adventure Legally Blonde. What’s not to love? She’s a Harvard law grad, she’s fabulous and feisty and her fashion sense is second to none. If you’re looking for a laptop bag to help channel your own inner Elle Woods, then look no further than the pink and perky Allie Laptop Tote Bag by Rainebrooke – Steve sent me over a review copy to try out.

The vertical Allie Tote is Elle personified. It’s got classic lines, a classic colour combo of pink and black, and just the right balance of fun and sophistication.

Allie Laptop Tote - front pocketThe front of the Allie Tote has a large pocket with a place for pens and business cards. The pocket has a snap closure. And, yes, you guessed it – when I need to fetch a pen, I put my tote on the floor, and I bend — and snap! (Get it? Get it? Okay, I can see by your face that you get it.)

Two smaller pockets, layered on the outside of the snap-pocket, provide access in a pinch. The Allie tote also features a deep, zippered pocket on the outer back panel. Perfect for stashing a little cash for a French manicure, or your passport for that trip to Aruba.

The bag zips closed at the top with a nice, sturdy zipper. Inside, there is a padded section for your laptop with an elasticized Velcro strap to keep it secured in place. There is also a large compartment with plenty of room for documents, a book, and power cords.

Allie Laptop Tote - interiorThe interior also features a pocket with a Velcro closure and a zippered pocket, to store your keys, wallet, and Berry Pink lipstick 😉 I like that this tote doesn’t have too many pockets. There are enough to keep me organized, but not too many that I am forever forgetting where I put something.

The construction of the bag is excellent. Form meets function here, with the designer’s careful attention to ensure that bag is pretty *and* sturdy, while still being very lightweight. In particular, the handles feel very secure, easily handling the weight of a laptop and whatever else I’m carrying around. Oh, and the Allie also boasts one of my favourite features – little feet on the bottom of the bag, to give it a little added protection when you set it down at the spa.

Allie Laptop Tote - back pocketThe Allie’s faux leather tote handles are very comfortable – I feel like I could carry this bag around at a conference or a workshop, and my manicure won’t be ruined at the end of the day. I like, too, that along with being able to hold the tote like one would a briefcase, that the tote handles are large enough to slip my arm through. Versatile!

The bag also comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The strap is attached via hooks that have a swivel feature, so you don’t have to fuss about making sure that the strap isn’t twisted. The shoulder strap isn’t padded, but with the vertical orientation of the bag, I found the weight was distributed so well that I didn’t miss padding.

The bag is ideal for laptops with screens measuring 11″ to 15.4″ (both my MacBook Pro and Rose’s giant Dell Inspiron 1520 fit with ease). It’s made from nylon, and the handles trim are faux leather. (No Chihuahuas were harmed in the manufacturing of this product.) The price is right for $59. You can get the Allie Laptop Tote Bag at Rainebrooke.

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