Rainebrooke on Facebook ~ specials, news, shopping and more

If you’ve been considering buying one of our pink laptop bags or pink laptop cases, then there has never been a better time than now to check us out on Facebook.

We’ve recently added a few new apps to our Facebook page so now you can keep up with our latest product news, follow our tweets, get the latest news and specials, and purchase our laptop bags… all without having to leave Facebook.

One new app on our Facebook page is our “Shop Now” tab, where you can purchase any of our bags while staying on Facebook. “Like” us and you’ll automatically get a discount! This discount will change from time to time, but unless you “Like” us you won’t know what it is.

Click on our Facebook Twitter tab or follow us on Twitter and you’ll get our latest news and specials.

And the best part is last. From time to time we give away a pink laptop bag. But you’ll only be included in the giveaway if you’re a fan of ours and you click the “Like” button above.

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