Pink laptops for summertime back to school shoppers

School will be back in full swing in just a few months. If you’re shopping around for a new laptop and looking for a pink laptop, we’ve listed a few models that will be perfect for students heading back to school. Even if you’re not a student these pink laptops will look great in your office or home.

Dell – Dell offers pink laptops  in their Mini 10, Inspiron’s (11, 14, 15 and 17), and the Studio (14, 15 and 17). Along with Dells standard pink laptops, several of their models can be customized with different pink themes in Dell’s design studio.

Sony – Sony offers a pink Vaio laptop in the 8″ P series, 10.1″ W series, 13.3″ Y series, 14″ EA series, and 15.5″ EB series.

HP – HP offers a pink laptop in the mini 10.1 210

Asus – For the pink princess in your family, Asus offers a pink Disney netbook

Colorware – Colorware can customize a large variety of electronics including the MacBook, Macbook Pro, Air, iPad, iPhone and more. If you’re crazy about pink and really want a pink MacBook or pink iPad, then check out Colorware. Once of the nice things about Colorware is you can send in your existing laptop or iPad for customization or buy it brand new and customized directly from them.

Finally, there are several other pink laptops available through retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. If you search Google shopping for pink laptops you’ll find a great list of models available.

And if you’re already shopping for a pink laptop you should check out our pink laptop bags and cases to go along with your new laptop. Be sure to also take a look at our new Zoey pink netbook / iPad bag which will be available in July.

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