Laptop Review Sites ~ What’s your favorite review site?

Processors, memory, storage, graphics, battery life… these are a few of the things I love to read about. And yes, as you can probably guess, I’m a fairly big computer geek. Just about every day I scan through one of my Twitter lists looking for tweets about laptop reviews. I like reading reviews about newly released laptops, what’s inside them, their speed and performance, the reviewer’s pros and cons, the design, the screen, keyboard and ports available and also the dimensions. Dimensions are always important to me so I know which of our pink laptop bags and cases the laptop will fit in.

Below is a few of my favorite laptop review sites and blogs (listed in no particular order). Do you have a favorite laptop review site? Comment on it below and I’ll add it to my list.

Visitor submitted laptop review sites:

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2 thoughts on “Laptop Review Sites ~ What’s your favorite review site?

  1. is one of my favorite review sites. The knowledgeable hosts of this show are Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont. Veronica is the best looking geek in the country who also happens to know a lot of geeky-nerdy stuff.

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