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Hello Dallas!…. Hello New York!… Hello (your city, state or country)!

We’ll be tweeting out “Hello’s” to cities, states, and countries around the world.
Each time we tweet “Hello” to a location, if you live there you can save or win!

Our tweets may be for huge discounts, a free bag, or just something else we’re in the mood to give out.

A few example tweets:

  • “Hello Dallas! … 50% Off for 2 hours. #rainebrooke”

If you see this tweet and you live in Dallas you’ll get 50% off your entire order if you order anytime within 2 hours of the tweet. Use the coupon code Dallas to get your discount.

  • “Hello New York! … 30% Off an Emily Tote for 4 hours. #rainebrooke”

If you see this tweet and you live in New York you’ll get 30% off an Emily laptop tote if you order anytime within 4 hours of the tweet. Use the coupon code New York to get your discount.

The key to getting the discount is using the name of the city, state or country as a coupon code. The discounts will not be applied automatically; you must insert the location in the coupon code field during checkout. e.g. Dallas, New York, California, Canada, Australia, etc.

If the tweet is for a giveaway, the details on winning will be provided in the tweet.

Follow Rainebrooke on Twitter, it’s the only way you’ll get the deals. Retweet our deals so your friends can get in on the specials too.

Don’t want to wait for your city, state or country? No problem. If you tweet the following “I want a pink laptop bag from @rainebrooke! #rainebrooke”, we’ll have a special discount for you too 🙂 …keep an eye on your Twitter Direct Messages (you must be following us to receive our direct message).

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