Women-only pink taxi services spreading to new countries

Kuwait is the latest to start offering a women-only taxi service following in the path of other countries such as UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh and Mexico. Bedoor Al-Mutairi, a Kuwaiti entrepreneur launched the service, which is a project called Eve Taxi. The pink taxi’s will be driven by women and are for female customers only… no men allowed. Each taxi will be fitted with a GPS system along with accessories and magazines for women. The drivers will all have a good knowledge of the local areas.

The pink taxi service was also recently started a few months back in Mexico’s colonial city of Puebla with a new fleet of 35 pink cabs. The idea is to offer women a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment to get around in. In the past women have complained saying male taxi drivers often cross the line and make inappropriate propositions, said Aida Santos, a driver of a pink taxi. The taxi’s in Puebla will also be for women-only, driven by women-only, with each taxi having a tracking device and an alarm button to notify emergency services.

Some women’s rights activist say the pink taxi’s are just giving a sugary presentation and are not really addressing the harassment problem. In a small way I agree with this, but in my view the pink taxi service isn’t going to hurt anyone either. If the taxi service provides a relaxing atmosphere for women who may be in a strange, unknown city then what’s the harm. None in my opinion. It’s also providing jobs to women in a traditionally male dominated field. Sure the overall problem of harassment needs to continually be addressed, but I see nothing wrong with taking this one step towards trying to resolve the problem.

With all these different countries joining in on the idea, I think they all agree with me… you can’t go wrong with the color pink 🙂

What do you think?

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One thought on “Women-only pink taxi services spreading to new countries

  1. Great post! I agree with you. While the harassment issues need to be addressed, the reality exists and this is a great option for women travel in safely. If I ever travel to any of those countries, I’ll be hailing for a pink taxi!

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