Rainebrooke bag spotted on iCarly TV show

My beautiful daughter Raine, who doesn’t miss a thing, had a really cool surprise for me the other day. iCarly is Raine’s favorite TV show… I think she’s seen every episode; and probably each episode two or three times. Yesterday when I walked in she was all excited to show me something that was recorded on the DVR. I sat down and she started playing the recent episode called “iChristmas”. As she started the DVR, she told me to watch and see if I notice anything. Sure enough, there was Rainebrooke’s first style of pink laptop bag called the Slim Line. The bag is being carried by the character Rona Berger who is played by the actress Tabitha Morella.
Really cool… and great catch by Raine.

The video can be seen here with Rona carrying the bag in about 11:10 into the video.

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