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Thanks to Kate for the awesome review of our new Black Candy laptop bag.  Stop by Kate’s lens to read the complete review (included below) of our new laptop bag for women and check out all of her other funky, cool and chic laptop bag reviews.  Kate also has a several other helpful lens with great reviews if you’re looking for laptop backpacks, sleeves, laptop bags for men or knitting bags.

The Black Candy Laptop Tote from Rainebrooke Designs

Boppin’ it at the sock hop with a retro chic laptop bag
Black Candy laptop bag (black w/ red patent) from Rainebrooke

It’s summer and surprisingly hot here in coastal Vancouver. So I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail lately. And sporting rolled up jeans and oversize white oxford shirts. And I realised that I’ve been transported to the 50’s and have become Ritchie Cunningham’s little sister. Sock hops, slicked hair and poodle skirts are all the rage. And my saddle shoes are swell.

But I’ve got one thing Joanie didn’t have – and that is the rockin’ Black Candy laptop tote from Rainebrooke Designs. Steve from Rainebrooke sent me a Black Candy to try out. At first glance, the shiny patent handles and trim definitely make me feel like this bag will fit right in with my current 50’s vibe. But don’t fret, there is nothing old-fashioned about the Black Candy. It’s definitely a modern woman’s bag!

The Black Candy is a split-style laptop tote. One side holds your laptop and has a removable sleeve for extra padding. The sleeve holds up to a 15″ laptop – but if you remove the sleeve, a 17″ will fit on the laptop side. The Black Candy is very well padded, so even if you don’t have the sleeve, I don’t think you need to worry about your laptop.

The other side of the Black Candy is for all those bits and baubles that make our lives easier (or possibly just more cluttered). Rainebrooke has included three zippered pockets one one side and a bag-wide mesh pocket on the other. There are also the usual holders for business cards and pens – handy! The main holding area of this side is very generous – it will hold a number of file folders, a notebook and possibly your lunch.

One of the VERY smart things about the Black Candy is that each of the sides of the tote has it’s own zipper – so you don’t have to have the laptop side opened when you’re digging through the bauble side – and vice versa.

The Black Candy has very generous handles for over-the-shoulder or in-hand carrying. There are four metal feet on the bottom to keep the bag off the ground. There is one zippered pocket on the outside for stashing a wallet or other small item. Very handy, but I do wish this pocket were a little deeper – it doesn’t *quite* hold a boarding pass and zip back up.

The Black Candy is available in black with red or pink patent vinyl trim and handles. I find that the red is darker and not as fire engine-y as I expected from the pictures on the website. So if you’re worried about the red one being too bright, don’t be. The pink one though – Steve says its pink is like cotton candy!


* Be sure to read through the entire review, you might find something special 😉


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