Congratulations to the winner of our laptop bag naming contest

Congratulation to Shannon (@zchamu on Twitter; Shannon’s blog) for winning our laptop bag naming contest with the name “Black Candy”.

Our contest was held on the popular laptop bag review site where visitors and customers could submit names in round one and then we picked 5 finalists which were voted on last week in round two.

The name Black Candy won the popular vote with 62% of the votes.

Here’s the final vote (Name, % of vote):

  • Black Candy (62%)
  • Roxy (17%)
  • Soda Shoppe (12%)
  • Cityglide (7%)
  • Patent Plush (3%)

Thanks to everyone who submitted names, voted and to Kate at (@funchico on Twitter) for hosting the contest.

Stop by and visit Kate’s other sites:

Our new Black Candy laptop bag will be available soon, so check back here, visit our site or sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available.


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