Cyclobag & Cyclobag for laptops from Tintamar

The Cyclobag while not necessarily a laptop bag is never the less one really cool bag.  It comes from Tintamar and French designer Edith Petite. What’s really cool about this bag is the changeable faces. The faces include colors, pictures, and faces with pockets, netting and more. Once day you may feel like a having a nice pink face attached, the next day you might need a bunch of pockets, and the next you might need one with netting to hold your bicycle helmet.  Just unzip one face and zip another back on.  The Cylcobag attaches very easily to a bicycle with the special one-touch attachment unit. You would need a really small laptop for it to fit in the Cyclobag but if you like the idea of the bag, Tintamar also offers a Cyclobag for laptops.  While not quite as cool as the round bag, the Cyclobag for laptops does still have a round pocket on front and attaches to the one-touch bike unit.  Both of these bags can be found in stores located in France, Japan (pics from AssistOn), Australia and a few other countries.  The Cyclobag sells on the Tintamar site for around 45 €, with faces costing about 15 €.  The Cyclobag for laptops costs around 54 €.  Unfortunately Tintamar only ships to France. ~ Comment on these products. Do you like it or dislike it? 

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