Billboard vinyl laptop bags from WAS

Kudos to Kate Trgovac over at “Funky, Chic and Cool Laptop Bags” for her Squidoo Lens reaching a #1 Lensrank.  If you’ve never read through her lens, take a look; it’s full of great stuff. If you’re into iPods you might also want to check out her new lens called “Funky, Chic and Cool iPod cases”.

Next, onto these really cool laptop bags that I came across which are made by WAS in Auckland New Zealand.  WAS laptop bags are made from recycled billboards so each bag is one of a kind.  WAS selects the most interesting parts of the billboards to make their bags.  Once cut, cleaned, ironed, and stitched together, the result is a 100% unique bag.  The bags measure 370mm wide x 230mm high x 80mm deep, which is about 14.5x9x3 inches in size.  They’re available on the WAS site for $199.  As of today WAS doesn’t ship outside of New Zealand, but they’re site says they will start soon. ~ Comment on this bag. Do you like it or dislike it? How do you think it could be improved?

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2 thoughts on “Billboard vinyl laptop bags from WAS

  1. The idea is really unique and I would pay $200 for a bag that no one has, BUT there is only one picture of the bag, with no views of the bag open or any details on how padded the bag is. If they included a little bit more information I would buy one.

  2. I agree, a great concept and also recycled! Just to add to Guy’s response, there is actually more info about the bags on the WAS shop if you click on ‘click here for more info’ link on the website page
    I also noted that the $200 price tag is NZD, (approx. $130USD) not a bad price for a one-off bag.
    I have emailed them to see if they will ship outside of NZ and if not, when.

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